New Contest!

Posted On November 24, 2008

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This Contest is going to be fun. It is a Card-Jitsu Challenge! You can challenge me, 97plum, to win some awesome  prizes. Here’s how it works you will meet me at:

Server: Frostbite

Day: This Saturday

Time: 6:30 PM

Send me an invintation to the dojo and whoever sends me one I will play them starting off in the white belt, if you beat me you will advance to the next level, and then the next, and then the next. Whoever gets to the furthest belt wins the Card-Jitsu challenge! (Prizes Coming Soon)



Posted On November 23, 2008

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Hi! We are really sorry we have’nt been posting for a while! 😦 But, we were trying to get the black belt first so we can give you some tips! I haven’t gotten the black belt yet, but here are some tips:

  • When you are playing against a white-green belt (Possibly blue) make your first move water (Results may vary)
  • When you are playing against a blue-purple belt it gets a little harder. Start off with a snowflake because usaully trained ninjas will start off with one too, but if you can higher thn them that’s great! Most of the time I beat them with that!
  • Brown and black belts don’t have specific move or moves. So you can just hope you win.                                                                                                                                           

Multiply your furniture Glitch!

Posted On November 11, 2008

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1. Go to your igloo
2. Put out the furniture item you want to multiply.

 3. Save, then put it away.
4. DON’T click save after you put it away.
5. Go to your player card and click awards.
6. Click the spyphone.
7. Go to HQ. Go back to your igloo and check ur inventory the item will still be out there, but will multiply into your inventory.

If you sign out sign in you should get negative something on at least one item you multiplied!


First Video!

Posted On November 7, 2008

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Woo Hoo! First Video! Made By Seagirldsi! Yay! Watch it! Party Coming soon!

Best of Club Penguin Igloo Contest (Not the best but pretty good)

Thanks Seagirldsi,


PS: Look at the poll


PSSS: 100 hit party! Almost there!


PSSSSS: sorry for all the PSs!

Attention! New Page and “Holidays”

Posted On November 5, 2008

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Hi! It’s 97plum! I am proud to announce I would like to make some Club Penguin TV holidays! There will be a new page soon called Club Penguin calender which will be a customized calender for CPTV only. I have made five “Holidays” down on the list with dates . I am hoping one day at least one of these will become a “national” CPTV holiday. I will try to talk these over with Heatblast227 and other authors of CPTV! Until then, these are  BOCP holidays! 

Club Penguin and CPTV appreciation day: December 3

Pick Club Penguin President day: February 15 (President of Cp is Parkerrenz for ’08)

National Rockhopper and Moderator day: October 18

Non member appreciation day: January 2

Member appreciation Day: January 3

Thank you!

PS: Happy Election day! May the best man win!

PSS: Look at the Poll!

Storm Has Done The Dojo No Good!

Posted On November 4, 2008

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Read this post Billbob put up:

The Dojo Needs Your Help!

Hello Penguins!

The Dojo needs your help! Construction is currently underway after the big storm blew through during the Halloween Party. There’s talk that it’ll be fixed within the next few weeks. Be sure to climb the ladder, too–we’re excited to hear what you think about what you find.

If you don’t already have one, grab a construction hat so you can help out!! The only way to get to The Dojo is by clicking on your map and finding it on the mountain range.

dojo_damaged.jpgAs always, we want to hear what you and your penguin friends are up to all over the island – and what creative ways you find to help out at the Dojo.

Until then…Waddle On!

-Club Penguin Team

PS: Dojo is now home to the ninja!
PSS: Go to the new poll!


Posted On November 4, 2008

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Did you know there is a ninja at the dojo? You can see it when the big lightning flashes for a split second. If you didn’t well you couldv’e seen it durring the Halloween Party. Sorry I didn’t post much about it. But, I was able to make this little short story.

97plum: Hello little girl!

Toddler: Hwi nwice wady.

97plum: awwww

Mother: She’s mine!

97plum: Ok, gosh I was just saying hi!

(Big lightning flashes)

Toddler: Mwa Mwa! Look a ninja!

Mother: There are no such thing as ninjas.

Toddler: But-But-

Mother: Sweetie-

(Lightning flashes again)


Toddler: I told you.

97plum: There is no nin-

(lightning flashes)


Toddler: I told you.

Mother: I got to get out of here!

(leaves to Boiler room)

Toddler: Yay! She left!

97plum: Okay…

(The End)

Thanks Hope you liked it!

PS: 100 Hits party is getting closer! We need 20 more hits!


Awsome News!

Posted On November 1, 2008

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You guys know Heatblast227 right? The creator of CPTV, well if you go on his wordpress he had an igloo contest! I stayed up waiting for him to come to my igloo on the day of the contest. I checked his wordpress and he had the video out! I watched it and saw… ME, MY IGLOO! I am one of the contestants! He rated me an 18  which is really cool. He makes awsome videos so you can just watch it for fun! 🙂 Watch 9:03-9:22!


PSS: The video takes a few seconds to come up and to load, but it still comes up!

Here it is: