Attention! New Page and “Holidays”

Posted On November 5, 2008

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Hi! It’s 97plum! I am proud to announce I would like to make some Club Penguin TV holidays! There will be a new page soon called Club Penguin calender which will be a customized calender for CPTV only. I have made five “Holidays” down on the list with dates . I am hoping one day at least one of these will become a “national” CPTV holiday. I will try to talk these over with Heatblast227 and other authors of CPTV! Until then, these are  BOCP holidays! 

Club Penguin and CPTV appreciation day: December 3

Pick Club Penguin President day: February 15 (President of Cp is Parkerrenz for ’08)

National Rockhopper and Moderator day: October 18

Non member appreciation day: January 2

Member appreciation Day: January 3

Thank you!

PS: Happy Election day! May the best man win!

PSS: Look at the Poll!


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