This is MY page all about me! i hope you enjoy! I kinda copied Heatblast227. 🙂 Sorry Heat!


People on Club Penguin That I know in real life: Seagirldsi

Age: 10 (I’m not 16!)

Hobbies: Club Penguin, hanging out with friends, singing, acting, and sports.

Favorite Food: MEAT! MEAT! MEAT! YUM!

Favorite Animal: Monkey!

Favorite Season: Winter (My birthday season!)

Favorite Color(s): Orange, yellow, and black. I hate pink!

Favorite Sport to play: track and volleyball

  • Ummm I love making friends and if you ask me to be your buddy I’m more likely to say yes.
  • Please ask me to be interviewed! I love to be interviewed
  • I would also say yes if you asked me to be a guest star on YOUR show!
  • I do respect both non-members and members, if I saw someone saying “BOO! NON-MEMBERS!” or “MEMBERS ARE THE WORSE!” I’d get really mad.
  • I love to post contests, parties, polls, and videos!
  • My pet peeve is Hackers. Hacking is bad!
  • I don’t like people haking my password because they can get me banned!

Well that’s about it! PS: The Best of Club Penguin colors are Blue and Black (The colors of pain ;D).  


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