Club Penguin Video Update Page!

Hey everyone! Its Seagirldsi here!
Hows it going? Well we have had SO many projects due for homework and stuff so we haven’t made any videos!:(
Anyways, This is the Video Update Page that keeps all of you posted on whats going on. So get ready! Because we have been working on TONS of new ideas for our videos. It might take a while for us to make some videos because we are going to make a movie! Yes we will have a trailer and commercial for it. 97plum and I both have had trouble with our cameras though! Any questions? Ask us on the Questions and Answere Page! Thats where you can find all the answeres some of you have been asking us. Auditions will be held at 97plums igloo or Seagirldsi. We have to set it up in advanced though. Well GTG BYE!!


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